Alright readers it is Monday, to some the worst day of the week! Well, going forward I will be sharing various Motivation videos, audios, quotes etc. to help kick start your week into high gear. So here is a bit for today for you,

Each day we all wake up equal. Everyone has 24 hours given to them to accomplish their goals in life. That breaks out to 1440 minutes, so what are you doing with those minutes right now? Well I finished training this morning, headed off to work while listening to a fantastic educational audio on Outliers, got into work and have just been chewing through the day, 1 minute at a time, completing tasks and moving on.

So my friends what is the difference between someone whom is successful and someone who isn’t? Whether it is in the gym, on the dojo floor, in business whatever! The difference is those who are successful control their time and live in the moment constantly.

So take charge of your life, by taking charge of your time!

Bufu Ikkan