Happy Monday!

Yes, this is how I start each and every Monday. When I step into the office I great all of my co-workers, with Happy Monday, much to the chagrin of some of them!  Monday is a fresh start to our lives, work, training, family, learning, growing and changing, Monday starts us off equally each week. Now what you choose to do with your Monday and the feelings you have about getting up and dragging your ass to the gym or work, is how you chose to set the week in motion, so why not change how you view Monday’s and start the week off with a BANG!

Now take a moment today and write down 5 goals to complete this week. Make them a stretch so that you have to work to achieve them, not just slide into them. Do this now, and every Monday and see how much you start chipping off your To Do list each week. My Monday goal setting is at 5:30am and helps me focus what truly needs to be accomplished and not just what needs to be done. Here is one that will impact you 1) complete Bujinkan Newsletter with additional content, ahh yes it has been awhile since a new edition has been sent so stay tuned and hold me to my goal if I let you all down!

Now it’s time to chip away at my 5 Goals and today’s “to do” list.

Attack life and train with intensity!!

Sensei/ Guro Steve