Hello Everyone,

It’s Monday!

Well, last week you will notice that there was no Motivational Monday posted….well that is because I took some time off to recharge the batteries. Well, if you can say a 35 mile canoe/backpacking trip can count as time off (LOL). Actually, it was very relaxing, getting up early, paddling 4 – 6 miles, sometimes more, but also I had time to chill. Complete relaxation, letting go of all the pressures of the “real world”, I didn’t wear a watch, or ask what time is it, cell phone…ha..no service out here, but what I did get was time! Time to watch nature, time to read, time to journal, time to write new articles and materials for this website, so with this post I am asking you to Motivate yourself to completely shut down from the outside world. That means no phone calls, checking emails, anything to do with the day to day life. Instead recharge, become creative let you mind and body recuperate so that you can refill your batteries to take on the next challenge you have set for yourself.

Get ready because my batteries are full and ready to go!

Take on the week with a smile and action each day!

Guro Steve