Happy Columbus Day! Another great week lies before us all but what the hell does Christopher Columbus have to do with warrior motivation. Well, just about everything!

Back in the day Columbus was the rebel that broke all the rules just in order to try and take himself and family to a whole new level of wealth and fame. But, not only that he changed the view of the world by pushing and driving himself and his crew to face the false belief that they would fall off the end of the world. How many of us can say that we would take on that challenge? Well he was just an ordinary man yet changed the course and beliefs of the world, and not to mention the wealth and fame that he received from this task.

A warrior doesn’t cringe when there is an obstacle or difficulty facing him, he charges head on to tackle the issue and drives forward pushing aside the disbelievers until he has proven himself at the task. Now take a lesson from old Christopher Columbus and take on the week!

Train with intensity!