Wow, here it is Frankenstorm! Almost the same time last year we had 22 inches of snow hit us, we have a repeat with a huge wind and rain event, but this won’t stop me from training tonight. Well, of course last year showed us the holes in our preparations around the house, but this year we were well prepared and stocked up ready to rock and roll. Now with all things a little forethought goes a long way, I plan my meals and workouts for the week, usually a week or more in advance. If I am heading to a seminar, race or other event I plan out a month in advance to be in the best condition I can for the event.

So are you getting my message here? The 5 P(s) = Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance!!

In training have a plan, stick to your plan and execute against your plan!!! You will make significant progress if you take the time to do your homework, and match what your needs and goals are to your training plan. So Bujinkan Warriors, your mission is to plan out your training this week, and on Sunday review how you did against what you expected and then to revise and do it again the next week.

Train with Intensity

Guro Steve

Stay safe and stay tuned for my next post!