Woops! Forgot to hit “post” yesterday!! But here is this week’s Motivational Monday on Tuesday!

Whew what a busy weekend. Cold weather camping is always a challenge, but it’s one that I love to have, and really it wasn’t that cold 19 degrees at night 45 degrees during the day. (LOL) Many people look at me strange when I tell them yes I am going camping this weekend, no matter what the temperature is going to be. Why, because I enjoy the time in the outdoors, and if you are prepared the temperature really isn’t that big of an issue. But again, what does this have to do with motivation or training? Well everything, I push myself to do more each day than I think possible. I sleep outside to test myself and my camping skills, and this is a passion of mine and I embrace and strive to be better each time I am out there. So, now what are you doing this week that is going to push you outside your comfort zone? Isn’t it time to get your ass off the chair and start living the life you CAN, instead of being an armchair warrior, or a sideline cheerleader. Get in the game my friend, do it now and push yourself outside of the comfort zone you are standing in. Hey, tomorrow morning I am getting up at 05:00 dark and cold for a run that I have been putting off, so what are you doing?

Hey, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Eat turkey, enjoy your families and blessing you have in life!

Train with intensity and live with passion,

Guro Steve L.