I love Mondays! Sad to say but I do as it is the beginning of a new week and a new opportunity to succeed in my training goals, life goals and Family goals. The other day I came across this video fromRichard St Jon and loved the 8 Principles he laid out .

Here is the video:

Here are the 8 principles or strategies for you to post on your wall or in your daytimer!

1. Passion – Do what you love
2. Work – Work hard and have FUN!
3. Good – Get good at what you do through practice
4. Focus – Stay focused on 1 thing and master it
5. Push – Push yourself
6. Serve – Serve others something of value
7. Ideas – Capture and create new ideas
8. Persist – Persist through EVERYTHING that stands in your way

Train with Intensity, Live with Passion,

Guro Steve