It is dark outside, cold and your workout is just starting. You could just crawl back into your bed and go back to sleep…PERSIST! Anything you want to achieve comes from the dogged determination that you need to have to drive yourself forward through the pain, the sweat and agony..PERSIST. Every good thing you want in life comes from persistence, staying power. When your enemy is sleeping, you are attacking the task before you, training to be better than you were the day before.

Each Monday, I post some type of Motivational clip, or post to help inspire you for the week, but once a week is not enough to stay motivated. Every day I start my day off with reading, listening or watching some type of motivational material. It starts my day off and inspires me to persist toward my goals. Not just the once a week an average individual does! So now get off your ass and do something today that will bring you to greatness.

Before we part, many years ago I learned this little phrase from Tom Hopkins that I repeat each morning: “Allow me to be productive and proactive, to be in the right place at the right time for the betterment of all that I know and meet.”

Pretty powerful message! Now remember everything you want to achieve will require staying power for the long haul, so PERSIST and SUCCEED!

Train Hard, Live Life, Be in the Moment.