Hello Bujinkan Warriors,

Those of you who receive my newsletter, last night got an update that the new Warrior Member’s Section was going live today (if you didn’t know it from the countdown clock at the top of the page!!) Well it is live and running even after my laptop crashed causing me to have to reload all my video and web software, had an issue with running certain Java scripts and just about any other issue you could imagine, but I PROMISED YOU it would be up and running today and it IS!!

Each month you will have unrestricted access to the following:

Monthly Curriculum Outline- to guide your training

Videos – To explain the curriculum outline techniques, exercises and drills.

Attack Analysis Session – Reviewing what would you do in these circumstances( be warned some of these videos are extremely graphic!

Warrior Conditioning Workouts – Our monthly workout including weights, and a seperate Road Warrior Workout that is Body weight or limited equipment only for our traveling students.

Special Reports, EBooks, and or Audio Downloads!

1 session 1 on 1 workout, and technique review with me personally via email or phone consultation.(this alone is a $50 bonus!)

Each month based upon your feedback and input, I will be focusing on the best method to upgrade each lesson, material, delivery…whatever, because I want to ensure that you are always getting the best content that you can find anywhere!!

This first month contains:

Huge resource for Solo Training (89 pages)

7 new technique videos

1 attack analysis session

1 Combative Concept Curriculum outline

2 Warrior Conditioning Workouts ( One specifically geared to you Road Warriors traveling the country/countries, minimal equipment and maximum benefit)

and of course your 1 on 1 consultation option!

Get ready for some awesome training and cool upgrades to both the Public and Member’s Only section!!

Train Insane!

Guro Steve L.