Hello Bujinkan Warriors!

A friend and I were training recently and he asked me to review the primary strategy principles that are involved in Combative Concepts, so here goes:(hey don’t take this as gospel as there is a lot more to discuss!)

The 3 A’s (Combative Concept’s Core Strategies)

The three “A’s” are:
1) Awareness
2) Avoidence
3) Aggressive Action

In many discussions with individuals who were in a violent encounter, or dangerous situation of some type, the majority of them will say, “I had this bad feeling about this situation I was in, prior to it happening!” Our natural intuition and 5 senses act as a radar to help interact with the environment around us. Over the course of our evolution, we have developed a sense that tells us there is the potential for danger present. Some call it intuition, gut reaction or feeling, even just a lucky guess. Truly we should pay attention to this but our “logical mind”, which analyzes and interprets our senses, over rides our natural ability to sense a dangerous situation. Our first line of defense is to be “aware” of our surroundings and the potential for them to cause us harm. Don’t talk yourself out of how you feel as you approach your car in a darkened garage, you are only increasing your chances of being a potential victim. Recognize your feelings and be prepared for step 2 or 3.

Your realize that something is wrong as you go to enter your home, did I forget to lock the door? Do you enter thinking “I must of not locked it” or are you now thinking “I know I locked the door” and now grab your cell phone and dial for the police to come and check out your home. What things in your life do you do that tend to put you more at risk than others? Do you walk home late at night? Are you aware of the high crime areas of your local area? Do you tailgate the car in front of you? These are just a few questions, that you should think about as you ask yourself the following question;
“What would you do if……?”
What would you do if the car in front of you stopped quickly or swerved to avoid an accident? What would you do if there was a series of burglaries in your neighborhood? What would you do if someone approached you on the street and asked you for money, cigarettes or directions? A simple question to keep in your mind, to start you planning prior to something happening to you!
Aggressive Action:
Here is the one that most people automatically assume means to strike out and destroy your opponent. Well not exactly. Aggressive action does include this tactic, but can also include calling for help, defensive driving, application of correct first aid/CPR, methods of identification of the perpetrator, and a host of other items.
Aggressive action means to execute your plan of countering or escaping an opponent, or dealing with the after effects, decisively and directly. There can be no hesitation, this is where the opportunity to counter your counter attack exists. It is also the critical time in a life saving event. The plan that you have made, has to be acted upon, with out hesitation! Did I repeat myself there, yes! Now repeat it to yourself and remember it.

OK, here are three of the Core principles that I teach, each and every day. Now there are a lot of sub components that apply to each of these strategies, so don’t think you know everything about what is taught by a blog post!

Be back soon!

Stay Safe, Train with Realism, and Live your life!

Guro Steve