Hello Bujinkan Warriors

Great feedback on the new member’s section launch, so THANK YOU for everything! Since there were also a lot of emails coming in I will try to answer here on the blog instead of writing so many one on one replies.

1) I don’t have a paypal account can I still order? Yes, Paypal accepts most major credit cards for processing so no worries.

2) Can I mail a check or money order? No, I do not accept checks or money orders at this time.

3) Will you be adding longer video clips to cover a technique in more depth? Absolutely! It was a tough balance between no making it too long or not supplying the correct amount of information, so I will balance this in the next lesson.

4) How do I schedule my consultation? Just email me your contact information to Airyu@hotmail.com and I will reply with a time slot or answer your emailed questions.

5) Do you have extra sheets to record nutrition, goals, work out logs etc. from the Solo Training Manual? Yes, I will add blank template sheets up in the next lesson or email me and I will send them to you ASAP.

More feedback and answers coming,


Train with Intensity!

Guro Steve