Hello Everyone,

Squeezing in under the wire to post a new Motivational post here today. Why so late you may ask? Well, it has been a bit crazy as the first day of school starts tomorrow, and before my son takes the intellectual plunge once more, our family decided to have a little bit of fun this past weekend. We got to watch a few movies, took a 9 mile Kayak trip, did some shopping, worked around the homestead, and all in all tried to relax a bit. So where am I going with this post for you? Two things for you:

1)      Relaxation and rest is necessary for your body and mind to take on new challenges. Your body and mind need downtime to heal and refresh before you can tackle new challenges or obstacles and this has been my recharge weekend! Even though I just got back from my afternoon 4 mile run, I feel refreshed and ready to take on new challenges this week.

2)      Are you doing your best each day? Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself this question, “Did I do my best today”. Each day we all rise with the same amount of time each day, but those who put forth their best each and every day are those that succeed in life and training. So I hope you take this to heart!

Thanks for the emails the past week, and for those of you who asked, yes I had a personal best time on the race course and my second fastest time so far 23:46, not bad for a 5K. But I am not satisfied and started training again to run the upcoming Monday, my goal is to break into the 22 minute timeframe so get ready here I come!


Train with Intensity and Take on a challenge to do your personal best this week.

Guro Steve