Happy Labor Day,

I hope that each of you have had as a productive and challenging day as I have! What you mean I didn’t sit back drink a beer, eat too much, watch T.V. etc etc… Well no actually I was up early this morning, ran 5 miles (training happens everyday), cut and hauled in wood, extra work on the upcoming release of the new Ninjutsu training product, did some meditation in the forest, swam with the family and just had some fun as well.┬áSo I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to do , but I did put a dent in it. Why you may ask well I put a demand on myself to excede myself when ever I can, and a holiday is no different than any other day, I get up with a chaleenge to accomplish more, train harder, learn more, have fun and live with a passionate intensity.

So when you wake up each morning, are you putting a demand on yourself? What is that demand? Is it challenging you to excede your limits? Just a few things to think about as we begin a new week.

Train with Intensity and Live with Passion!

Guro Steve L