Hello Bujinkan Warriors!

I am not dead yet, close but not dead! Well I decided to take a solid month off from this site so I could concentrate on generating new material for the monthly on line training and new post for the public, and now I am back with a short clip I think you might like. Dominating the field of whatever you choose to do is a primary fact that will help you succeed! Think about your training how are you going to dominate your partner in grappling? Stick fighting? or your competitor at work? Grant’s book “if you not first your last”, resonated with me as I was wearing an old shirt which on the back say’s “Second Place is the first Loser.”┬áIt sounds like a slam, and it is meant to be. Not everyone will be first and get a trophy for attending but in life and combat you have to come out on top and win. If you go in with this attitude it is hard to beat you down, because you just pick yourself up and keep coming! Alright check out Grant and his other videos!

Get ready for some cool new posts and videos!


Train hard, stay safe

Guro Steve