In all aspects of competitive athletics, whether it is the martial arts, football, golf, or Olympic sporting events, those who are at the top have one thing that keeps them at the top and that is they are Mentally Tough. Here are a few traits that contribute to a warrior athlete’s Mental Toughness:

They are competitive!

They are confident.

They are emotionally controlled.

They are committed to their goals and dreams

They have composure

They have courage and face their fears daily.

They are consistent.

Now, this week has just begun, and I asking you to take the time and rate yourself against these 7 traits. Then put your head in the game and challenge yourself to take it to a new level where you are weakest, choosing a strategy to improve at least one of these traits for the next 6 days. Do you lack competitive drive? Well challenge yourself to beat your personal best record at the gym, how about your emotional outburst? Can you hold back and bite your lip? So come on now, this is a different Motivational Monday post for you to do, so will you take the time, put in the effort to make a change or are you going to sit back on your ass and watch things stay the same in your life?

Train with Intensity!

Guro Steve