“It is easy to kill someone with a slash of a sword. It is hard to be impossible for others to cut down”
                                                                 -Yagyu Munenori

As I was reviewing some old notes on various Sword masters, I came upon this quote that struck me as I began my training session. How many of us train, spar with only the intent of hitting your opponent (not that it is a bad thing!)? But, now let’s turn this around, and how much time have you put into making yourself as hard an opponent to strike?

Whether it is in boxing, FMA, Sword, whatever art you are training in, when was the last time you put in time mastering, ducking, slipping, weaving, countering, footwork, transitional movement drills, rolling, rebounding from the ground, just  all of the basic aspects of being a Warrior that is hard to hold down or strike.

In an upcoming article I will give 5 drills that will help make you a more elusive opponent.

“When hell is the cradle in which I rest, all else is easy.”

Guro Steve