I woke up this morning with a thought, “Where will you be 40 years from now?”, why you may ask am I pondering this at 5:00am? Well, today is my Birthday as well as my 40th year of actively training in the martial arts!!! I often have told my students and training partners that if you persist 5 years most of those people whom started training near you will have fallen by the wayside, 10 years, there are even fewer, 20 – 30 – 40? Who is left training day after day? 1/10 of 1 % of all individuals whom have started this path are left, but there are some notable ones: Guro Inosanto, Soke Hatsumi, Tuhon Sayoc, Tuhon . Atienza, Tony Cechinne, The Gracie family… and the list goes on and on. Each has shown the dedication and passion that beats within all of our hearts, the passion of a warrior. The passion to learn, improve, stay a beginner and keep training through the hardships, pain , injuries and losses. But from here they have become more than just a martial artist, they have become what others would say are Masters, but when you ask them , all they say is I am just a student, just like you. Now go out and find these people, train with them before they pass, and keep training and growing each day you draw a breath.


Train hard and live long,

Sensei/Guro Steve Lefebvre